About Chapter 1.4


It is written in the Book of Genesis, chapter 1, line 4:


And God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness.


Light is the source of life that nourishes all living things on earth, while photography comes alive with the darkness and light.


Our story began with photography.  The founders of Chapter 1.4 all started their career as photojournalists, and had worked in the profession for more than a decade. We are story-tellers. We capture every moment in life, be it the event unveiling, the vivacious ambiance, the interactions of people and the tiny smile on their faces – they are all focuses of our lenses. We press the shutter at the right time, in a flash, and capture the precious moment for you and for your company.   


A photograph depicts a moment.  Numerous moments, when put together, tell a complete story.  Our story continues following the development of our team. 


Visual tells stories. With our experience, we are here to show you a new perspective in photography, videography and effective communication.




We are professional photographers. Our award-winning photographers have more than 10-year media photography experience. We are the professionals telling stories through our lens, captivating the single and unsuspecting moment in our lives.


With our journalistic background and genuine understanding of media, we are confident to deliver the photos that best suit your needs. We look into every details to capture the perfect moment than brings the photos to a new level under time pressure.


Everything can be the focuses of our lens. We capture the big moments while we also specialize in telling stories through the tiny motion and expression – from a casual glance, a tiny gesture to an appreciative smile. It all comes from our instinct.


  • 10+ year photography experience in prominent local media such as Ming Pao
  • Award winner for various local and regional news photo competitions including:
  • IFRA Asia Media Awards of World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers
  • Human Rights Press Awards of Hong Kong Journalist Association
  • Hong Kong News Awards of Newspaper Society of Hong Kong
  • Focus at the Frontline Award of HK Press Photographers Association
  • Key member of photographer associations, organizer of exhibitions and panel judge for various photo competitions